From first aid to fire extinguisher supplies, Ultimate Safety Alberta can outfit your company with all needed safety equipment. We are located at 4109 47th Avenue in Olds, Alberta.Ultimate Safety has a variety of gas detection solutions, including Single and Multi-Gas Monitors and Gas Monitor Rentals, gas monitor servicing, including calibrations and repairs.Our Fire Extinguisher course provides information on fire prevention, evacuation and methods of fire suppression, including classification and ratings of fire extinguishers.Firefighter safety is of utmost importance and we provide services to maintain and replace fire breathing equipment to fire departments across Alberta.
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Become certified in First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, TODG, and more. Call Ultimate Safety Alberta today.

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Ultimate Safety offers a wide variety of training solutions for your company. All of our training courses can be customized to your work environment. Our lead instructors are NAIT certified Master Instructors, thereby providing your company with top quality training.

Ultimate Safety offers courses in

Standard First Aid with Level C - Blended Course

Course Description:
The Blended Standard First Aid & CPR course has both an online component and a classroom component. The online component will focus on building your knowledge. It includes injury prevention strategies, important background knowledge, and descriptions of how to recognize and care for a variety of injuries and illnesses. You will also read about particular first aid skills, and watch videos demonstrating how these skills are performed. Once you complete this online component, you will be ready to move on to part two The classroom component. The classroom component will focus on developing your skills. Your instructor will know that you have completed this online component, and so wont spend as much time on the background information that is covered here. Make sure you take the time you need to feel comfortable with what youre learning. This online component covers care for adults, children, and babies. When you complete the classroom component, your skills and knowledge evaluation will focus on only the topic for which you are being certified. You must successfully complete both the online and the classroom components to be certified in Standard First Aid & CPR.

The objectives of this course are:
Please contact our office if you are interested in this method of course delivery. We do have set days that we can complete the evaluation of your practical skills provided that the prerequisites are met.

  • This course has a 3 year expiry.

Time Frame (Hours): 16

Certification (Years): Nonexpire

Cost: $140.00

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Standard First Aid with Level C - Blended Course
Time Required (Hours): 16
Certification (Years): Nonexpire
Course Outline: See Detail
Course Dates

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