Confined Space Entry

Course Description:
This 6-hour program provides participants with a basic level of understanding if the hazards of confined spaces and the requirements for safe entry. The program will give participants the ability to apply the general information to their specific work-site and specific conditions that they have to experience.

The objectives of this course are:
The objective of this course is to allow the participant to understand the concepts, procedures and told that are necessary for safe entry into confined spaces. Content includes

  • Definitions How to identify a confines space.
  • Hazards Oxygen deficiency, Flammable gases, Explosive atmospheres, Toxic vapors.
  • Control Measures Isolation, Purging, Ventilation, Testing confined spaces, and PPE
  • Pre-entry procedures Pre-entry planning, Developing codes of practice, safe work permits.
  • Emergency procedures.

Time Frame (Hours): 6

Certification (Years): 3

Cost: $140.00