Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Course Description:
The HEART and STROKE FOUNDATION OF CANADA recommends annual re-training in CPR to ensure the quality of skills are retained. The intent of the program is to provide the skills necessary to maintain basic life support for a casualty who is both breathless and pulse-less.

The objectives of this course are:
The following program includes review and practice in first aid legislation, rescuer safety, using barrier devices, patient assessment, airway management, breathing emergencies, and CPR. Additional topics may include understanding, recognizing and preventing heart disease.

  • Level 'A' HEART SAVER CPR 4 Hours skill focus is on people aged 8 year and older.
  • Level 'D' INFANT and CHILD CPR 4 Hours Skill focus is on people aged under 8 years. Additional information will be provided on child proofing your home.
  • Level 'C' BASIC RESCUER CPR 8 Hours Skill focus will be on infants, children and adults. In addition, two- rescuer CPR will be included. This program is ideal for health care providers, and individuals in 'high risk' areas for injury.
  • Level 'C' BASIC RESCUE REFRESHER 4 to 6 Hours. This program is designed to review the information covered in the full basic rescuer program. It is intended for people who need to update their level 'C' CPR annually. Al registrants must provide proof of their original certification within the last 12 months.

Time Frame (Hours): Various

Certification (Years): 3

Cost: $100